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13 channel audio, loop. 2015


When we think about someone who has never heard a sound, what are we dealing with? Sounds not sounded. From one particular archive we make public our own perception of what is real. Sounds of intimacy that are exposed to a concrete space: cable container, tubes, windows, lights, cement, memories, bodies, and other findings. From a personal space to a collective one, we propose a new tour for the consciousness of the listener, who is invited to find their own connections during what they feel is the necessary amount of time.

Artists: Daniel Authier, Ulisses Carvalho, Juan Manuel Castrillo, Edgar Castro Herrera, Mercedes Delclós, María Durán, Federico Echave, Juan Pablo Egúsquiza, Matías Monteagudo, Alessandro Olla, Violeta Ospina, Chiara Picotto, Uriel Ríos Arango, Sebastián De Los Ríos, Sebastián Sandoval, Juan David

Segura, Marc Vilanova y Nicolás Villa

Coordinator: Barbara Held