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Interactive sound installation, based on the transformation of the voice. 8 channel audio



“More than voice" explores the expansion of acoustic voice in order to immerse visitors in its interior and transform the local and distant listening of itself. The traditional instrument, the voice, becomes a mutant soundscape generator, riding what is possible and what is not. It achieves this thanks to electronic transformations, such as variable frequency feedback index and the temporary auto-convolution, granular synthesis and transformation of spectrum in real time by means of STFT (Short Term Fourier Transform), but mainly by the use of means of ambisonic spatialisation.

Visitors can influence the behavior of sound installation by means of their mobile phones, the tool that will allow them to surf the control interface of the application.

Artists: Daniel Authier, Eliana Beltrán Palacio, Ulisses Carvalho, Juan Manuel Castrillo, Edgar Castro Herrera, Mercedes Delclós, María Durán, Federico Echave, Juan Pablo Egúsquiza, Barbara Held, Matías Monteagudo, Alessandro Olla, Violeta Ospina, Chiara Picotto, Uriel Ríos Arango, Sebastián De Los Ríos, Sebastián Sandoval, Julián Scordato, Juan David Segura y Nicolás Villa

Director: José Manuel Berenguer